Brown Skin Showgirls, One-Legged Tappers and a Lucumi Ritual Dance

Harlem in havana dancers 3 - 50s

The Harlem in Havana Project: Preserving an American Entertainment Legacy

The last remaining of the great entertainers from one of America’s most successful traveling shows are finally telling their stories in  JIG SHOW| Leon Claxton’s Harlem in Havana, a new documentary film from filmmaker Leslie Cunningham. Part of a larger work known as the Harlem in Havana Project, Cunningham is working to archive this explosive chapter in American entertainment through the creation and support of a diversity of mediums including the film;  a companion book – Harlem in Havana: Memories from the Black Side of the World’s Largest Carnival Midway (by associate producer John Cunningham); a photography exhibit– “Harlem in Havana – 1935-1967”; and, a website, Read more now!

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